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Any news on how the Roadmaps look like?


@JB.Scopely the biggest question that still has people on the fence is how long will it take to get andrea to 6* t4? How often will the roadmap for her gear be available?


Yep. Not one response. Unbelievable they can just ignore customers.


If the last paragraph was directed at my part in this ridiculous thread, please read the first post that I made. I was not and have not told anybody else what they should do. I was listing the reasons that I thought it was a good deal for ME and instead of making counterpoints, folks spun the conversation into personal attacks and asides. I don’t know what is right for anybody else and I didn’t claim to. People act like they haven’t pulled for toons that they wanted. I’m nowhere near a big spender, just a spender when I like a “deal” as I see it. See my prestige.

I’ve been here since a couple of months after launch. I personally think that I’m at a very reasonable spending level. I’m sorry if I offended anybody by voicing my opinion. I thought that was what the forums were for - a marketplace of ideas wherein we could have a discussion and people that don’t think that Scopely is ALWAYS trying to screw us over could also be welcomed.

Don’t get me wrong… I’ve been disappointed with a lot of what they have done and most recently got into an argument with support re: the “gold” mod boxes that dropped silvers. I’ve also been willing to have open eyes about it and realize that this is the first game they’ve had success with… their previous were a few scrabble type knockoffs… and I think that they’ve been way over their heads with the success of this game. They have done many things that the community has suggested but it is their company so it isn’t always verbatim and it isn’t always immediate. I rate them around a C- personally. None of that is to say that you can’t feel more or less warmly toward Scopely and the devs, but simply to say that there is a marketplace of ideas and opinions out there. This is called a discussion. There will be opposing view points.


This was from my first post, @docmatix. That is all i was saying, bro


The post was not addressed to anybody specific, otherwise I would have directly quoted or stated so.

Like I already stated and I agree there with you, everybody has to make their own decision. I often critisize what Scopely is doing. I am by no means F2P and spent more money on this game than I honestly should have (even though that’s no match to real spenders).

I just can’t stand this whole F2P vs P2W bashing. Spending a couple grands on a game is a waste in my book. But I don’t care how people spend their money, it’s none of my business. I see why people do spend money but I also see why people don’t want to spend 25 bucks a month for this game. There are plenty of good reasons as I brought up already earlier.

However, I also don’t value opinions by how many money someone has put into this game. But I get the impression many people here do. If someone makes a good argument, it simply doesn’t matter what prestige level he has.

F2P need to accept that there have to be benefits for spenders. But whales also need to understand that there has to be some sort of balance if you want to attract both types of players. The game won’t last long without any of those groups.

Your comparison with the cars doesn’t hit the nail on the head imo. When you buy a car, you know what you get. This is a pixel slot machine. One guys throws a grand at a premier with nothing to show, the next one gets that promo with 2-3 single pulls. I bet people would be way happier if Scopely came up with reasonable and fixed prices for toons.

And before I stop here, I want to say, that there are enough f2p games out there, where you can only buy cosmetical items. Everybody is the same, people who can and want to support the devs buy cosmetical items. No griefing involved.


Take your profile down. It’s nobodys business if you decide to spend $10,000 on a mobile app.


He assumed it because he doesn’t understand people don’t understand actual quality. Not really anything funny or cool about it.


? Take my profile down? I was pointing out that I haven’t spent that much. I’m not top 100 prestige in Colbert.

Are you a noob or something? You get prestige every day for logging in.


If the discussion is about whether the $25 deal is good or not then honest discussions about spending are valid. It seems to me that the FTP community believes that it owns the forums.

:poop: :man:


everyone complains about new stuff.


Me coming back from my suspension to see if this dumpster fire of a topic has been resolved or addressed yet.

It hasn’t.

That being said; It’s monday so JB is going to be coming back today too. Seeing him try to defend the indefensible stuff like this is like watching Sisyphus pushing his boulder up the hill time and time again.


Your prestige indicates that you have spent well into the thousands. You get 350 points a day for logging in. That hardly makes a dent. I have spent thousands and am just about to crack prestige 12. You are 300k ahead of prestige 12 which would be another $5,000 (6,250 per big pack).


Quality reference. :slight_smile:


maybe because i’m italian…but i ask You to don’t speak about the argument “pizza” and its quality … please , speak about arguments in-topic and than You well known :sunglasses:


I’m Italian-American and I believe, if you slogged through that whole ridiculous conversation you will see that I never intended to speak on the merits of :pizza:. I thought this part of the discussion was put to pasture. I was making an innocuous aside. We all actually understand that, right? Pizza-gate2018 can be put to rest?


What I can’t find in all of this and want to know is: does this subscription apply at a player’s Scopely account level, or only to a region account level?? That is, if you’re in multiple regions do all your alts get the subscription benefits or just 1 of your region accounts? @JB.Scopely


Ooooooh… That’s a quality question!

I wondered also of the “team cap” going away counts for scavenger camp missions too.


i was joking man…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Still no response from scumly…woooow