Feature Spotlight: Survivors Club


Trying to get a character and then canceling is trying to deceive them but they know it anyway… That’s why you have to keep the 25$ a month plan in order for you to fully upgrade… Seems fair to me. Complaining won’t solve the process. I guess we know this and being trolled


After reading all this all I have to say is where the hell is @Plagueis I ain’t seen that dude in a long while it seems


I still can’t wrap my head around someone thinking a video game gun is worth 100 real life dollars. In your case, 400? That’s feeding their greed and you’re part of the problem. If people keep buying overpriced garbage, they’re gonna keep thinking that they are doing great with pricing, when infact they are one of the worst priced mobile companies when it comes to item worth. I mean c’mon, they still add useless crap like 2 grenades to each deal. It’s stupid. They are very cheap with their deals when it comes to what you spend vs what they give you. You spend dollars, they give you pennies. Not one expensive deal as been remotely worth it because they think their ingame items are worth the price of jewelry.


Lol that’s not deception. It’s a free trial. They give you the option to cancel in 6 days if you dont want to be charged. If you choose to cancel, how is that deceptive?


Dude is almost a full month gone and smarter than all of us combined.


Maybe he playing rdr2 :thinking:


I am and am taking exceptional care of my horse and my hat.


Only 44 more days until they spring the joke on us that Solange also requires subscription items to level. What!? Did they forget to mention that part?



Hahahahahahaha! So good!


Either way


Was that a sub-response about deception? Because you’re super wrong about that. There’s no “either way” about it.


I wouldn’t be surprised at this point.




Maybe she might still have not in stone yet until she’s actually released yanoe


Wish i was a scopley employee i could fix them from the inside lmao


This escalated quickly didn’t it? :joy::joy: you can’t seem to avoid trouble can you Macs? Hahaha


Some time back in the “Improvement Surveys”, there was one about monthly subscriptions. They offered options and what folks would pay. Of course my opinions does not seem to be offered in what was selected (4.99 per month :slight_smile: ) , but folks must have offered opinions to lead Marketing to believe this offer would sell. Keep in mind this model is offered in other games (which I do not play) and works for a while.

I do agree this is no longer the game I loved to play and I hated things as they came out that. We can point to the numerous useless once OP 5* as well as the once promising now forgotten prestige wheel, scavenger missions and territories.

Based on what we know we can all individually ride it out or make a decision to go all in or walk away. Insulting, making fun of or singling out fellow members of the community weakens our position and hurts the community. Please continue to argue for what you want while respecting and considering all points and opinions as you make actually like them once you consider them.

As for me, I am not going to participate in this (may be the trial and bail after 5 days). I will not buy this or any other subscription. If this was 4.99 USD maybe ! Once the gap between the Whales, Subscribers and myself is such that I can no longer compete (or have fun) I will walk away. I think that may be about 2 months.
As far as other people and their money, let folks spend what they want. We all have vices and as long as folks are not harming others, let them be. If no money comes in this game is OVER, better someone else spends as you know I will not. SO. Thank you others for spending!

What Scopely needs to understand is what is the delta from New Player to Competitor. I am concerned that as the Competitors quit, the new players joining will never be competitive and they will not see the logic in spending as it will be a waste as this has happened in other games.
Keep Surviving


I had some good laughs reading this thread.

So people say 25 bucks a month is okay, because they spent 600 bucks on Shieldchonne. Well the problem there is that someone willingly spends 600 dollars on a toon. :joy:

If you look at it, 25 dollars is probably okay in relation to what a lot of people spend here month after month.

But there are people on a budget aswell. Or people who find that this simply is too much in return for what you get. Sure we all spend money on hobbies or bars or pizza. Or even other games, how dare we.

But if you put in into relation how much bang you get for your buck elsewhere, then I have to clearly say this SC is just garbage. Some folks brought up WoW. What’s with EA access and the likes? Or stuff like Netflix and Amazon Prime? There is tons of content for the fraction of the price.

We are talking about throwing 25 bucks a month onto a game, that has exactly 2 things: fight walkers and raid players (war is raiding with Tower bonuses, yawnslaught is raiding, territories is raiding,…). It’s the same stuff again and again. Oh and Levelups. Level those toons to earn gear to level other toons.

A game made by a company that regularly lies to us (Ascension promises, Albert’s letter,…). A company that monetizes more and more aspects of the game rather than fixing existing problems. A company that is unable to fix bugs over the course of months and years. A company that says they can’t make a couple of legacy toons because it takes so frigging long, but still pumps out premier after premier each week. A company that takes months and years to implement feedback.

Just look at purchasing food in the gear store. Instead of helping the player base after thousands of complaints, they rather let us go through this clickfest couple times a week, because our time and suffering is not worth the 10 minutes it takes a competent developer to adjust some digits in the code.

It’s pathetic. If you think Scopelys behavior and attitude towards its customers is worth throwing 25 bucks every month at this game, then just do it. You can’t be helped either way. But stop telling others how to use their budget. And stop telling others to not bring up their opinions here. This is a place to discuss different opinions as per definition.


So true!