Feature Spotlight: Survivors Club


Once you said this, you lost all credibility. It’s hilarious to me that after all the issues, bugs, deceptive offers, unethical practices and outright lies you decide to join the forum to praise a money-grabbing addition. Enjoy culver city and say hi to the proud boys.


Cell phone/mobile games are getting out of hand.
Quality of games have gone down hill since.

15$/month for Warcraft was expensive when I was playing. Atleast it felt that way to me.
These games dont even give much on the sense of moneys worth.

One time purchase for a game from 40 to 80$ with dlc. Things are outta hand.


Meanwhile, scopely employees are waiting for their big fat Christmas bonus.


I wont be adding to their bonus. Maybe for christmas they will get money from me if they sell guaranteed ascendables for 3 bucks.


There’s a beta thread right below this one. Click the link provided.


Everyone whined when they gave $1 to new accounts and threatened to quit soendingbut then scopely came up with their own MVP in the form of Lydia and people forgot the no spending promise.
Now 99 percent people refused to spend on yawnslaught so they came up with money sorry monthly plan😁
RIP Poor FTP or fight against an all revive shield team.
OH by the time you will manage to take one out and feel good about yourself, your camp will already be destroyed.:wink:


Shouldn’t be that hard to take out a team like that depending on your roster. I’d say If you have a focus, recover stun, and a decapitate it should be relatively “easy”


I take them quite easily even better than most P2W.
Was referring to the unfair advantage it offers to the P2W community as FTP can hardly defend or survive longer against these in wars without any shield or revive.
If only scopely listened and came up with something for the poor chaps


Said they would give out a free human shield which sounded like they were listening but nope, has to be the biggest let down/deception I’ve ever seen by this company.


Greeeeeed!!! - This game is becoming a SHAMBLES!


takes away the propose of it (for money) people will get her 6 star her max then never touch it again so atleast they will make money if you do atleast 1 month


other games do this to its not greed in a way


it does not work like that its suppost to be a 25/month credit card application were it keeps going on the credit card unless you cancel not coins (takes away the money too)


I can confirm the pulls will not carry forward. Its a pulled a day and resets every 24 hrs. This info is based on beta version. Not sure if anyone already answered this question for you


Yeah, that sucks. They could have at least let the tokens stack so you can do a bigger pull.


I feel everyone is crying just for the sake of it. The only reason F2P can even compete in today’s game is because scopes launched 6* making all 5* redundant. Does anyone remember the 1 turn era. Most of the top guys could take you out in an instant… so when I hear all these crybabies I think they forget how hard it was for F2P players before. I was totally f2p then so I know what it was like. I consider myself a low to moderate spender now.

People are reacting like this toons is gonna change the game. C’mon that’s a bunch of crap. People said this when Lydia came out too. People probably spend 100s of dollars for her. So why are you crying if they give another toon for 25 bucks.

Honestly we are slowly and steadily going to reach where we were in the 5* era where f2p could barely compete. So what’s new. People are crying and will always cry but the state of the game is the same.

This subscription is not even that good and I am hearing saying… Oh all the F2P factions are leaving… oh cut the bull shit. All that’s good is the toon. And I honestly don’t see Andrea creating any more problems then already exist. We already see Lydia with 2 shields and 2 revives in war. How will andrea change anything.

The teams will still be the same difficult one’s for the f2p. It’s just one toon. People just need a reason to cry rather than actually analyse how this toon or the subscription will actually impact the games current state


That would have made more sense. Again that’s why I feel the subscription just brings Andrea that’s of value. Not sure if anything else will be added in the second month but after she’s levelled I don’t see any reason to stick around Unless they give another toon


I agree. The toon might not make a difference in game since there are way better options at your disposal, but why I’m upset with this (as I stated before) I just don’t like where scopely’s head is at with this game. This game is a buggy mess and instead of focusing on what the community wants to see, they head into a completely different direction and focus on trying to monetize the game more. To give credit where it’s due, they have made some changes people want and good on them. It just seems that scopely’s mantra is, one step forward, 10 steps back.


$24.99 for chicken scraps with a nice slab of meat to get you salivating to spend more for less. I have a feeling Andrea is gonna take months to tier up. Scopely AGAIN not knowing how to price pixelated characters and items and being far too greedy. WOW isn’t even 20 bucks monthly. You’re acting like your game is massive with countless things to do in it.


Exactly. There are other problems with the game and I feel all the frustration at those issues are being directed to this new feature (which honestly is not as big a problem as people are making it out to be).