Feature Spotlight: Survivors Club


Feature Spotlight: Survivors Club

We’re excited to announce a new feature coming soon to Road to Survival called Survivors Club (get a sneak peek now in Public Beta).

Survivors Club is a new, premium feature that provides players with ongoing rewards and benefits in exchange for a monthly subscription fee of $24.99/month. Players who activate the Survivors Club membership will immediately experience powerful benefits that will help them progress their teams and enhance their daily Road to Survival experience.

Membership Benefits and Rewards

Players who choose to join Survivors Club will have access to the following powerful rewards and benefits:

  • 5* Ascendable Andrea (obtained immediately upon signing up for the Free 7-Day Trial!)

By simply signing up for the free 7-day trial you will receive the Survivors Club exclusive 5-Star Ascendable Andrea (read below for more details on Andrea). If you cancel your membership before the 7-day trial expires (or at any point in the future) you will still be able to keep your 5-Star Ascendable Andrea. All the unique Gear you need to fully upgrade Andrea to 6-star max will be available within a Survivors Club Members’ Only Roadmap.

  • Daily Premium Recruits Pull

Survivors Club members get one pull from any Premier Recruits event every day

  • Weapon Crafting without Parts

Crafting new and upgraded weapons in the Armory will no longer require weapon parts to complete.

  • Team Roster Increase

100 additional character slots are added to the team roster

  • Food and Materials Production Doubled

All resource buildings will produce twice as fast for their current level

  • No Team Cost Cap

Immediately build teams comprised of powerful characters

*Not applicable to Scavenger Missions

  • Exclusive Members-Only Roadmaps & Offers

Members Only Roadmaps and Offers to gather Special Gear and various prizes

7-Day Free Trial (includes a free 5-Star Ascendable Andrea)

Once Survivors Club launches, all players will be able to get a feel for the powerful perks via a 7-day free trial! Sign up for Survivors Club and immediately receive an exclusive 5-Star Ascendable Andrea! If you decide to cancel your membership before the 7-day free trial expires (or any time after) you will still get to keep your 5-Star Ascendable Andrea. As a part of the Survivors Club membership, members will have regular access to exclusive Roadmaps that will reward all of the exclusive gear required to level up Andrea to 6-star max!

Andrea “Survivors Club” Exclusive Character Highlight

Andrea, the exclusive Survivors Club fighter (free with 7-day free trial), is a tremendously powerful addition to any player’s roster. She is the only 6 star character to have both a Specialist Skill (Human Shield) and a Leader Skill! This provides significant flexibility among different team compositions, especially since her Leader Skill is trait and team composition agnostic.

The rest of her kit also compliments a tank style, providing Taunt, Bonus HP, and Focus from her Rush, while providing Defense Up and Confuse Recovery from her Active. A great combination that not only supports your team, but also keeps them well defended and safe.

The Survivors Club will officially launch with The Walking Dead: Road to Survival 18.0.


Survivors Club free trial will convert to a monthly subscription after 7 days (when a free trial is applicable). A payment of $24.99/month will be charged to your iTunes or Google Play account when the subscription begins, and it will auto-renew monthly unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of a subscription period. Renewal payments will be charged within 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, at a price of $24.99/month. Prestige Points are awarded after every renewal. Unused portions of free trials will be forfeited upon purchase of a subscription. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewals in your device account settings.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival 18.0.0 - Android Public Beta
Don't freak about the free human shield, it's free but




Tbh who thought this would be well received?


Man I wish I didnt have to pay 25$ to get a human sheild wish she was free :sob:


She is “free” technically just cancel the trial before it ends and starts charging you


I just posted this on my faction Line group and the general consensus is that this will likely be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for this game.

As if there wasn’t an almost daily thread complaining about the continually widening gap between P2W and F2P already.

Wow. Just… wow.


Kiss of death.


Craft without parts? Meh, I want wins without fights. Possible for, say, 50 bucks a month?


Say no more. They’ll probably release that a couple weeks later




I mean as long as I can get a free 6* human sheild and be able to cancel the subscription on time then I’m good, but how do you cancel said subscription?


Specialist skill and a leader skill? That’s new.


By canceling your credit card most likely


I bet it takes 8 days for them to cancel


You can dispute charges with your bank… though, I’m not sure if Scopely will ban you or not for that.


You need special items to upgrade her. Am assuming like the SR toons. So if you cancel subscription I am sure you can’t level her up


$25 and it doesn’t even include the coins the $10 monthy thing we have now included.


Yeah but the gear u need to upgrade is only through the membership…lol so ull have a free tier 1 human sheild lmao…smh at this…couldn’t even give a free month of a trial


I have a feeling this is where they get everyone with the free andrea it says Special Gear will she be like Tara ? @JB.Scopely could you clarify if this is the case or does she take normal gear