Feature Request: Selling Weapons (Click and Hold)


When dissembling weapons you can click and hold to select all of that weapon, which saves a bunch of time.
However sometimes both armories may be busy and your full of weapons 1000/1000 and want to continue farming.
In this case it would be nice if when selling weapons in the depot, you can click and hold to get rid.
At the moment you have to select each one and if you want to clear space it can take a while.


True story.


Dissembling gives you crappy parts you dont need, and sells for wood.

Selling em gives food, means less ppl buy that good 1mill food for 12 USD.

See where im going?:slight_smile:


Definitely no point adding stuff like this, no cash oportunity. However buying more space for weapons would initiate admin to reply, that would be inovative (comparing to versions before where weapon list was unlimited).


It was a feature for a short time, they got rid of it because the game was crashing. It sure would be nice to have that food


If memory serves, th crashing was related to disassembling too many at one time. That was changed, not the process for selling weapons