Feast or famine event


Worst event ever.

Would have been better if it said max exchanges were 2 or 3.

Having it at 10 instantly built it up for the entire player base to be pissed…

And what are we all gonna get for all leftover red pieces & corn ?? That’s right you guessed it… pointless depot points…

I’m not wanting to be a negative nancy here, but it is so frustrating to spend countless hours farming to then realise that painting your wall and wat hing it dry would have been a more productive use of your time :disappointed:


And now we’ll get 0,01 supply point for every piece of corn if we’re lucky


Traditionally speaking, you will get nothing for your corn. Usually it’s tokens, not collection parts, that convert. Hopefully this isn’t the case though.

Keep on surviving!


@kalishane can you provide us insight why this event was so lopsided, and almost impossible to get 1-2 pulls?


Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Were there many topics containing feedback on this event? I want to make sure to consolidate them so I can make a full report.




Nice of you to do her job. :tired_face:


If your boss is reading this, your boss was farming it during work as well. They will understand the addiction.


Just a few more weeks of miss management of a great game with potential great events and I’m out.
1 pull, 22k of corn left and 175 Turkey’s left. Could have been a great event but completely messed up by $copley.

Thanks a lot


See this is what I’m talking about with the B.S. !

A) how can anyone, MUCH LESS THE COMMUNITY MANAGER have missed the numerous post questioning the abysmal turkey drop rates!

B) you really gonna continue to play us this stupid and think it’s acceptable…why not just say “you guys are so dumb, we set the drop rates, we know they are insanely low, dummies!”

C) you claim to play this game, but you didn’t experience this? So again, how can your post make any sense?

I see, I know, and I know you know, I know! We all see what you are!


She didn’t miss anything, she is consolidating them. It’s her first day back from thanksgiving holiday…

Don’t blame her, it’s who she is filing the report to that needs to answer the questions.

Albert Wei being #1


Thanks for coming to her rescue, but my post still is valid.

My whole point is that she ACTS like she didn’t know this was happening, same as pretty much with everything that doesn’t go right…guess you’ll defend her when she for the umpteenth time ACTS like prizes are improving but is just taking time (guess they are for her).

P.S. I’m still wondering how defending her is justified when you don’t know what she knows, or does not know, are missed.


This is just another showing of scopely true colors. Hey we will show u that there is a possibility of getting 10 bags from the museum but in all reality you will be lucky to get 1 bag unless you wanna spend money on some shitty offers and probably get the lowest amount possible. The greed and lies from this company has finally made me wanna quit. Long time player and spender.


Not really defending her, she can defend herself.

But the entire company has been off for four days, Wednesday afternoon until Monday morning for the thanksgiving break.

I’m sure they all punched in this morning and opened their emails and checked the forums and thought … oh boy what happened now.

The forums blew up for four days, nobody was replying because nobody was at the scopely office, on days off I sure as hell don’t log on to check messages on my time.

She is collecting all the information and consolidating it for a report to hand to Dash or Albert and they will have to address it, because her only role is to be our voice to them.


It’s not her fault at all, but I’m sure she and the rest of the team knew what the drop rates were prior to going on holiday. I just don’t like being led on, making it seem possible to get something if you grind enough, only for it to be impossible. THAT type of behavior is unacceptable, and is happening at a much higher rate than before. I want to know who is in charge of drop rates/events, and who they are taking orders from because they don’t understand the current climate of the community and game. This type of stuff can’t happen anymore. It is seriously killing the game.


Total waste of my time. Faction mates feel the same. Not happy.


I understand this man. I’m not mad at you, nor am I blaming this all on Kali alone.

My initial post was geared more at a problem with her post. This event has been running days before they left for Thanksgiving break. People questioned the turkey drop rates from the very first minute of the event launch!

Prime example was because not even corns was dropping at first. People mentioned that here in the forums and shortly after corns started dropping on reruns…this to me seems that someone “fixed” the corn drop rate AFTER seeing the issue being presented in the forums, but did not adjust the turkeys drop rate. For her to come back after this ends with a response that implies she didn’t know there were multiple post about this is what I have a problem with, more so than the poor turkey drops.

She was aware of this at least 6 days ago!


this is how all this makes me feel…

The team must have known the drop rates would be abysmal. They must have known it would take x refills can to obtain 1000 turkeys for 1 collection and at an average completion rate of y it would take z hours of grinding.

To put this in perspective, I used 100% of my free energy, clearing it continuously and only missing while I slept for 8 hours after emptying my energy and 5 refills just to get the 100 turkey parts I needed to complete the first Benedict grab.

oh wait I bet they just said…

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Very doubtful


All you need to see and know.

And the first photo showing 2000 turkeys was after i bought 3 of your stupid bags to actually get 2 pulls total, even though i pulled 30k corn…