Feast or famine event


Did anyone actually get enough turkeys in order to complete the museum achievement? Im short 100 turkeys!


Farm the maps. The turkeys drop but rare. Prob need a can or two.


I’ve completed it once. I’ve only seen turkeys drop from a few stages. Act 1 stages 5 & 6


Thanks i’ll give a try.


Try using drop lead.


I tried I keep getting corn lol


Yay, I got a Benedict and a Ulysses I did not want. Lol


I got 1 turkey drop early. Allows for 1 pull.


Done it once, not expecting to do again, not with the turkeys now appering in gear bags.

Incidentally i got an Ulysses, would have preferred lillith though :confused:


Got Lilith and a Bennie.


Got a Benedict and a Ulysses. I’ve got 9245 corn and 175 turkey towards pull #2. Looks like it won’t happen. Gotta say, this was an extremely frustrating event. Making it seem like it’s possible to get up to ten pulls, farming and using tokens, and not having enough for 2. This kind of oversight is what’s destroying morale. Rewards were great, keeping us engaged throughout the weekend, but all the grinding for nothing. More proof whoever is in charge of drop rates, rewards, and other items doesn’t play the game.


Being that far short on turkey legs makes seeing the quantities available for purchase in bags laughable. Maybe if drop rates were set appropriately from the beginning, and I was able to farm enough for 3-4 rewards and just fell 100 short near the end, maybe then I’d consider buying a bag to make up the difference. Maybe. What a joke.


Unless turkeys drop from raid event tomorrow I don’t see more then a pull. I’ve used double drops, and tokens, popped at least 10 cans and had regeneration energy territory and have gotten 1 pull. This includes the turkeys from level up milestone. I have about 300 turkeys and tons of corn. If turkeys aren’t dropping from raids this will be another disappointment. I was excited expecting this event to be all about ascendance medals as was stated early in the month and it wasn’t so then I said hey at least I can get some fodder and hopefully some lilths. Just like the red plastic pieces another thing that will be achieved by few. It’s so much more fun when u r working for something and know there’s a prize. In so many cases now a days it’s more like do I want to bother and maybe just maybe get something. Anyone who knows me knows I go all out on events and even I have turned sour towards them. More drops= more cans used…$$$$…so not sure what scope got from it or hoped to achieve.


A can or two? I’m 10 cans in total and have gotten 100 turkey drops so far. A faction mate went through 30 cans without a single drop! This has been a bs event.


Yeah a can or too lol I was thinking the same thing. …a can or 2 will not get u far. However maybe they are better off jokes on us for using cans


I got one pull and calling it quits. Another let down. I won’t be participating in any future events I am tired of getting my hopes up.


Would love some turkey…


Posted this in another thread but more correctly belongs here:

The current corn and turkey event is a microcosm of the problems with the game. Really, how hard would it be to give everyone a pull by running the roadmaps and meeting the level up milestones, and then if you want more, buy the bags or farm like a madman. See, a tiny bit of goodwill goes a long way. Instead, the drops are essentially nil, and sure enough, at least 2 different offers to this point to get the necessary pieces. All that tells the player base is FU, and would trivial to completely turn around. @kalishane, take that to the team. No one believes they will listen, how about they surprise me? :pray:


turkey do drop if u have the skip tokens use them I had more turkeys off them then with drop leaders


I have been farming this quite a bit. Its really really lopsided on drops.

This is 5 mins ago. And i have not done any pulls yet.