Feast and famine turkey drops?


Just wondering if anyone have seen turkey drops in the feast and famine road map? I have ran the whole first part then ran stages 1,5, and 8 (at least 25 times total) with mostly 1 drop lead but sometimes have an ally drop lead and I am getting a decent amount of corn but haven’t seen a turkey drop yet. Wondering if this is a bug or if turkey drops are super rare?

Feast or famine event

super rare


Thank you :slight_smile: have you gotten any?


nope i did not but seen few people got turkeys. It is famine map after all :rofl:


I heard someone in my faction got 50 after a lot of reruns


Lol that’s true


Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


Hopefully the other 2 roadmaps will have a better turkey drop rate. Or they fix the current rate.


I got turkey 2 or 3 times. I imagine it won’t be that easy to get turkey or else it will be too easy to pull the crates.


No turkey drops for me yet



All I’m getting is corn


I got 75 turkeys in stage 4


I got 75 turkeys from stage 3 once. Apart from that its only corn…