Favourite classic 80's movie?

So, there’s been a wave of older movie mania on the forums of late, so let’s start a new discussion about classic 80’s movies. My personal favourite is “Pump up the volume”, but they’re all good in my book.

  • Pump up the volume
  • The Breakfast club
  • Better off dead
  • Ferris Buellers day off
  • Weird science

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Feel free to add your own recommendations in a similar vibe too.

Edit: Okay, apparently I should’ve been clearer. I definitely think there are better 80’s movies than these around. These are movies that follow a certain theme. High schoolers coming of age/having life experiences ect. I was hoping that people could infer that from context. I wouldn’t put these movie next to sci fi from the same decade. It would be comparing apples and oranges. I’m glad the discussion got started though, and thanks for all the contributions.

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I voted for Pump up the Volume because it has Samantha Mathis in it. :heart_eyes:

My actual favorite on that list is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


Not a single dud in your list. I want my two dollars. :rofl:

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I voted for Pump Up The Volume - from that list


Pump Up the Volume is a 1990 comedy-drama film written and directed by Allan Moyle and starring Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis.

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Favorite on the list but my all time favorite 80`s movie will always be the terminator

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As for a movie made in the 80’s but not about the 80’s

Dark Crystal

If they re-boot that and ruin it, like they tend to do, I may find a company that I hate more than Scopely


Is that even possible?

I think the last decade has proven that they are well capable of ruining everything

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Im talking about the hatred thing never watched that movie

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actually you raise an interesting point

Scopely has only been ruining my life for a couple of years, while on the other hand actually give me some sense of satisfaction

going back into a persons childhood and destroying the things we once held sacred - that is a level of carnage that Scopely can only hope to aspire to

oh dear
I fear for the youngsters who have in recent years grown up on Walking Dead…
their souls will be crushed in a few decades from now >_<



Back to the Future, obviously :roll_eyes:


I agree that’s my personal favorite and don’t understand how this isn’t on the poll

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why you trying to move in and steal my thunder? get your own niche!


this fool trying to replace me.



But in the immortal words of Rodney King…


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I can’t talk movies? Damn, I was gonna do Arthouse next. :slightly_frowning_face:

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nope, booting you.

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I have never seen any of these films