Favorite moment's

Hey i’d like to see your best moments when you played the game (Ex. Winning Cross region war, getting a rare toon or weapon, or reaching the maximum level just anything that was exciting in the game)

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this was very nice experience for me lol

My favorite moment is when I keep buying offers, but refusing to refund it because Apple support is not worth the time.

This was one of my favourite moments pulling him on promo


This was an actual bug during some kinda token/wheel event and when i went to make a pull, it put me into this weird wheel where everything was free, all the while calling me a dummy and no i got nothing but these blank green cards and each pull was called a dummy.


Freaky lol

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That kind of language may get you a 24 hrs ban in game now…


I really dont talk in game now lol id be happy for scopely to give itself a 24 hour timeout, maybe no offer and territory popups for 24 hours :smile:


They would constantly be on timeout though lol

The war we could win 5 star Ben… by being NOT first :joy: every war, every attack was plan…


Does taking it off my phone count?


Favorite moment- Getting almost 14k coins from a tapjoy offer to do a decent amount of premium pulls

Worst moment- Not getting any ascendables from those coin pulls


because it was hot topic back then

I like this topic unfortunately right now the game feels like its stuck in a rut. Just about every good thing left has been made worse or rarley occurs. Nice to see some positive experiences.
One of my fave times was the first time i beat the ultra rare gear map and had a walkie actually drop. I was so proud.
Also my first time hitting 100k in war early on was a huge deal.
Favorite event was choose your side and i chose Jesus. That was my first revive.
My favorite pull was when they had the dual chonne and dual tyrese crate. I had 260 coins and figured why not? And out it popped. I was so happy.
My first war mvp in a top faction was cool.
Mostly id say my best thing that came from this game was a few friends who became rl friends. Its also super cool to meet people from all over.


When they gave me 6,000 basils


Oh shit, I’m not the only one that did that!

Hell yeah my brother.


Why does this thread feel like eulogy

Pam-gate for me. My faction got on it real quick and hard. The level up they had going at the time ended with 6 of the top 10 being myself and faction mates creeping in. It was beautiful.