Favorite chars list

I am happy that we have an option to use to lock our chars, but what about a list of chars that are your favorites.

Ok so, first thing i don’t understand about this game: when you want to form a team, why doesnt the game put all chars with a leader skill first? Or a filter

But it can be solved easier: you make 2 favorites list, one with favorite leaders, and one with overall favorites. When u press the leader slot , you see the favorites with the favorite leaders showing first.

Why do i want a list like this? Well for survival road it will make it a lot faster to find the right chars. I have about 150 maxed 5*+ 6*, of which maybe 25 i use often. Why do i have to go through the whole damn list if i only need a few of them? I even use 1 4* char still on SR, i could find him quicker if i put him on a list of favorites.

What also is an option is to make the display of your roster the same as the main display. The chars that are already on a team show first. That way i just put all the chars i use often on teams, and they will show up first.

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