Favorite Character in game or Characters you would like to see in game?

Name a few Donald trump,Scottie Pippen any1.

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Kenny from season one…but as a 6*


Baby Judith. She could stink bomb the peeps on the defending team into running away when they smelt her dirty nappy.

Would also solve the problem of revive. There would be no-one Left needing to be brought back. Lol


Would love brock or Samuel the two stars made into 6* stars

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Of Course a 6* Allen, either Tough (Days Gone Bye) or Strong (Inspired by the 4*).

A 6* Darius needs to be a thing. There are 5 Major Characters in the Story or 3 in the first half and Darius is one of them. Garret and Mirabelle already got 2 6* each. Where’s Darius? All he got was a, especially now, pretty useless 5*, who looks cool AF, but that’s it.

To stay on the Path of course a 6* Brock, Strong. He joined the Group at Stage 16 and only has a 2*?!

Also Emma should get a better version, since even If she’s one of the best 3* in the Game… she’s still a 3* in the 6* age.

At next I would like a few characters of the Story Roadmaps finally, atleast 4* for Vivian (Who vanished for some reason) or Arturo. Aira, Isabelle, Macallister, Pious and Hoang should get 6* by now.

Some of RTS Characters would also make good (and better) 6* than introducing New Characters all the time, like a:

6* Oliver (To stomp Ryker in the Ground)
6* Benji (To show off the Worlds coolest Sunglasses)
6* Valerie (To bring back First Day styled Survivors with runed Office Clothing)
6* Darnell (To Play the Music)
6* Bridget (For maybe the most Powerful 4* to turn into a powerful 6* Rush)
6* Tony (To Show Maggie that she’s not the only one with this Glasses)
6* Estella (To mark the first 4* Human Shield in Memory)
6* Jeremy (To make it up for him, still being Unreleased :rage:)


Favorite Character is OG Romanov. I hope he gets 6*'d soon



How about a guy with a chainsaw as his hands

I would like to see these guys get the 6* Treatment.

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How about 5* Yellow Mirabelle

Awesome Post @Dr.Mekar

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Yellow Dr. Stevens as a 6 could be good. He is a staple in all FA and walker teams for me. I even picked up a second because he is so useful.

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AJ from Telltale. Not the kid now but when he was a baby.

Oh and Duck.

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I would say, 6*'s Daryl, Merle, Dr. Stevens as New promos and maybe make 5*'s SR jesus, SR Ezekiel, yellow shield michonne and blue ivanova all ascendable and to those who say Daryl and Merle aren’t in the comic, so it won’t happen, anything is possible, scopley has made toons like Yvette etc. Who have nothing to do with twd except being fans!!! There’s actually alot of 5* that would be cool to be ascendable.

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Yea, Daryl is owned by a different company so… nope

Daryl is overrated anyways

Me when Scopely releases 5 promos in a row

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Me thinks Norman is doing this game right now

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Rocket abe

Rocket abe is useful as is. They would surely mess him up. He would have to be super amaze balls to get ascended.