Fatest way to get S-class Priya? (The best offers for Ice Creams etc.)

Of course by doing all the roadmaps you can and hold terr. for ice creams, but what abouthose “shop offers for coins” ?

I just opened one for 130 gold and received 25 Torch’s which was enough to complete “hard” level of Torch roadmap which gave me 200 Ice Creams.

Can we keep this post ans “the best and cheapest” offers / coins and money to get Ice Creams / Torch?


Just refresh teams in territories and problem solved… U got 35 ice creams every hour


Yeah ! :slight_smile:

Got my first priya this morning, just gotta keep on keeping on. And grind like hell

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Me2 :slight_smile:

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My point exactly. People are STILL spending and looking to spend. Even after all we’ve seen.


Its incredible. No wonder Scopely never changes.


Why encourage spending? On anything? They have admitted to rigging odds!!!


This is how dumb people are :joy::joy::joy:


if you are so idoti to continue to spend after the mockings of scopely, it is right that they take you until the last penny


its also idiotic to keep playing and then complaining about spending players. its none of ur business. u dont like this p2w game? then just quit lol.

the spenders dont complain about nonspenders. perhaps they are just happy to mind their own business. those complaining and saltily minding other people’s spending habits are still around after all these years? now THATS funny.


It’s not about spending at all. I’m all for capitalism and people can do with their hard-earned money as they wish. It’s about misleading odds and buckets. If you choose to spend with that knowledge in tow, go right ahead. I think it just baffles people who have read a certain article, that’s all.

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you have clearly never been in the global chat of roughly half of the regions I’ve been in, because the ptps flame the hell out of ftps like myself solely because we’re ftp

You just like to inflame any situation that is anti Scopely or P2p.

Who goes into global chat? Nothing good happens in global chat.

The spenders complain all the time!
Like- why does war matching take so long?
That is easy to answer the majority don’t want to play because of unbalanced game play.

Amazing how we see the company VP admit to scamming us and a few days later people are asking what to spend on in the game…why would they ever change how they operate? No reason to when people keep throwing money at them


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