Fast/Yellow Kal

… as a Velvet Cake collection toon.

Come on, Scopely, you know we all have him. Let us use him for something! :wink:


Would be awesome.
Would not expect anything like that from scamly.


Never gonna happen but sounds good. I got 4 from war tokens, so does that mean I get the collection 4 times? Lol

Oh crud now I gotta level him? :joy:

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Don’t worry.
They will keep stroking the whales.

Scopley is pathetic. They wouldn’t do something that could cost them money.
In fact they will go out of the way and make the opposite just to spite.

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Oh. I have zero expectations about anything in this game.

A girl can still try, though. :joy:

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I don’t have him ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I have him but no more cakes; all F2P cakes are gone so spending only now.

I don’t. :moyai:
A f2p collection would be good though.

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