Fast (yellow) decapitate toon next promo


Not sure what the English version description is any one know?


Found it


Hopefully he’s in an event wheel in a few months so I can try for him then


Would be nice for all them magna teams out there


Looks like Wayland will be on every whale timeout busting attack team alongside Marlon. Poor Mags. :wink:

Scopes is like to hell with any kind of balance. Give me your money, now!


Yeah along with Marlon. It will be a two for one special. :wink:


Look another fisher character. This could’ve been Wyatt, Gator, Siddiq or maybe even Kenny, but no another new character


Thank goodness the whales now have rainbow options for decap toons, absolutely essential given all those f2p revives running rampant


Speed and convenience.

Tbh those sitting with alpha or sandy already have all the tools necessary.


Figures this is the next toon after the Lydia/Magna pull combo from last week. Sad.


He would’ve been a great event toon for FT2. But we get Gator instead. Thanks for nothing Scopley.


I did one ten pull, expecting to be super disappointed. And I get this…


and how does this make u feal and how do u think it make us feel :sob:


2 pulls :wink:


Single 10 pull. Happy with him. Was saving for (Y)esus but saw decapitate and just wanted him!


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