Fast way to find N

Here is the fastest way to find Negan. Go into survival road tournament click on each stage until you find the comeback specialist icon. Once you found him I want to say is a guarantee he will be in the stage. Is better than going around stages that people say he is in and wasting energy and time on.
You welcome. This is the way I found him.

Does H drop in raids, arenas, or stages?

Nope, I think the missing letter are all pay to win. Buy silver quills to do road map stages for letters or buy tokens for random spin.

Idk. I’ve got some letters and no idea how I managed it.

Confusingly, when you click on the where to find, it takes me to stage 25 of the world map, but I don’t think that can be right?


Fastest way to find N is to look between M and O



gold 19 wave 2 is Negan gl

N is right here

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lol…but that is too hard for some…they wanted it from login.

The N is nigh

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