Fast chacracter leaks

Has anyone seen any yellow chacrter leaks that don’t seem broken becuase they will probaly be paired with the blue tara for in the season sore

Yeah, but don’t know if she’s the one.

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That’s it for fast characters. I think Michelle has Abs Defense and the other has a locked weapon, so I have bets on the last one. I have all the other known character leaks if interested

Oh yes, I am very interested! Looks like Scopely still has a long way to go in regards to foiling VK.

Those are he rest. Currently have 11 toons to be released, with only one legacy

Can almost guarantee those top 2 toons will not be free they put too much work Into their design now the 3rd one looks boring enough to be free

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I don’t know if it would be any of these because the blue character leak has season store 2 on the thing. It could be the red sandy below due to it being tbc or another unreleased toon

The original leak for blue Tara shows her as “Road To Survival #1” (as shown in the screenshot in my 2nd comment)

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image Ah didn’t see that only saw this one

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Unless I missed it, there is no guarantee the other new league character will be yellow. It would make sense…but remember who we are dealing with…

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Forget where I saw it, but apparently the dude with glasses has a weapon that gives two teammates focus, something like that. Honestly, they’re adding some weird things into the game, but nothing we can do. :man_shrugging:

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i hope she’s a specialist. Maybe neutralize or on a role

considering Mira and Zeke they may release only leaders, but that`s just me. its not like they made anyone on the ascendance list a specialist

It looks Tara has been changed from “road to survival 1” to “league season 2”

лиги сезон = league season.

Curious if there’s another one converted to league


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