Fashion critics ahoy!

Best/worst ascension makeover?
Dweebiest looking character?
Most impractical zombie-apocalypse outfit everrrr?
Improbable haircut?
That toon who looks cool but probably smells really, really bad?

In this totally pointless post, you’ll get to critic the unfortunate fashion choices Scopely’s art department made on behalf of your favorite toons.

Just help me procrastinate, would ya?


Fast Sandy replaces her badass skateboard for a… flashlight.


5* yellow Sandy brings her skateboard a long. Whether it is for hitting or skating thats just plain stupid as everyone knows that you will fall off that stupid piece of wood within 5 mins and then just lie there for the zombies to feast on. Doh


It was her street punk stage :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oh I know. Mirabelle losing her boobs was hard on us all, but DAMN that catsuit must’ve smelled.


Lee and Kenny let’s go fishing on a boat

Gator looks dope but I feel like he smells like stale cigarettes, mold, and piss

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  1. Jessie - Mooooaaarrr rraaaggsssss, second would be Vincent that trade his tactical *5 to hobo looking *6
  2. Dev - Lmao that guy has to be
  3. *6 Ty - Lmao you’re a survivor of zombie apocalypse, not a quarterback.
  4. Gator - He has to be
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Why can’t Tyrese be both

i agree with 5* fast sandy’s pre-ascended punk version being way cooler.

Oh and aris. No way that hair color is natural. How is she maintaining that dye job in the middle of the apocalypse? Lmao

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