Farming Ultra Rare Gear (Using Salvage Tokens)


What in the name of Shiva’s butthole is going on here?

You’d expect the 10 & 20 percent drop chance salvage tokens would yield an item, but this shit is just unacceptable.

Sort your shit out please



You can redo any stage to get a chance to drop the associated item loot. For your best chances use a leader with Item Drop Rates bonus and an ally from your faction with a Item Drop Rates bonus. When you redo a stage the chance to get an item is NOT 100%.


Was gonna say the same thing save your tokens let em stock up use any drop lead and if possible a faction mates drop lead better chances in my experience 2 school bags extra today.


nice pull. I got 1 extra school bag to drop.


Gold tokens are not as good as drop leaders.


This isn’t a new thing, salvage tokens only give a chance for items to drop & haven’t guaranteed an ultra rare drop since they were introduced to the game.

Of course as a long time player you’re already aware of this.