Farming Survivors Reset

Please can we get this problem of when you get 100 or more survivors the game will reset sorted, it’s been going on forever and it’s driving me mad @GR.Scopely @Parker @LadyGeek


Will remind the devs this is still an issue.


Ty LG (7char)

Seconded, super annoying.

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Same issue here

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Same here too. Super annoying when trying to farm survivors and it keeps crashing!! Ughh

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Seems to happen only when you use tokens

They also need to address the amount of survivors dropped on roadmap sections it’s drastically lower then in world lvls and the cost of roadmaps are way to high at times. The amount of energy used the way it is scaled in world maps should also be the same in roadmaps sections and with the amount of lvling we need to do for a class survivors need to be increased also because those that have went through there stock piles of survivors are in constant in need for survivors and when a lvl cost 20 e you should always get a fair amount of them

Pushed to the game team for review and investigation.

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Ty been happening for over a year so I won’t get my hopes up🤗

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