Farming Overhaul


I think I speak for everyone in the community here when I say that farming on the world map desperately needs an overhaul. The possible prizes we can get from world maps are the same continuously, same weapons, characters, gear etc.

Throw in some more 4-Star characters, rather than just the 3 we have now.

Add in some unique 4-Star weapons, rather than the basic bunch that we have available now.

Would love to see some more gear added more than just common, uncommon, and rare gear. I know we have the gear depot but would be nice to farm other gear aswell.

Just gets tiring, almost a grind on top of the grind.

If you agree, comment below and let’s get this revamped :slight_smile:


I speak for myself when I say I am so sick of farming of any kind. The mere thought of having to do it makes me sick to my stomach.

Now that that is out of the way. I like the idea of things getting an update. Especially the 4 star weapons and gear ideas you presented. Maybe then I would bother with the world map. Right now my daily energy goes towards the gear roadmap. Who know when they will take it away and we will be left with no way to get the necessary gear.


The 3x battle speed has improved farming immediately - love it! Don’t bother with the rest of 9.2.2 lol.
Item refresh sounds appealing but I reckon it’s on page 307 of @kalishane’s to do list. Well below “never ever ever have empty prize slots” and “fix game crashing”


What we really need is more food and less wood for each world and road map lvl

Finally got a chance to use the 3x and you are so right. I mean farming still sucks but it does go much faster. Now I really want a 5x or 10x. :stuck_out_tongue:

Friendly Duels is a great addition. Really can help test out a few tweeks here and there and get feedback right on the spot.

The weapon lock is very nice to have. Lost at least 2-4 decent 4 star weapons a while back. This will prevent that from happening.

New addition to the depot is still not live for me. So I can’t comment on it yet. People on the forums seem to be very upset over it though.


This is important @kalishane please

I believe I saw a post from an IUGO worker saying that higher stages, because they are harder, they are trying to increase the rewards from completing a higher stage soon

Maybe add some 5* character drops too as these toons are kinda dead now with 6* but does mean may have some more fodder.