Farming gloves and shirts

Recently I have found a lot less gloves and shirts on stages 6 and 7, sometimes none. What stages do you guys farm currently?

I use to grind the last stage of chapter 5 until I realized the last stage of chapter 1 pretty much gave me the same results. But I switched to chapter 7 stage 4 because I can get 1-4 of each. Of course, you need a drop lead to get the most of it and Rosa (for some oddball reason) has never failed me.

I only farm the gear map on Thursdays for shirts and gloves now. The xp map on Mondays and Tuesdays gives a decent amount as well.

Been using a drop lead but I don’t get as many anymore than I used to get one month ago, maybe just bad luck or because of the latest updates?

Yup, me too. But world maps 6 and 7 used to give a lot of them too.

Definitely luck. The same luck that says I can find plentiful of gloves and shirts but I can’t even find a 3⭐ weapon or character on the last stage.

I used to gets lots of gloves and shirts on 6 and 7 before the update now barely any

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