Farming gear maps

So I’m in dire need of some gear and went over both elite and ultra maps a good couple times yet no extra drops. Am I just real unlucky or have they nerfed the farming on them?

Ive gotten a crate everytime with drop leads and bronze tokens but thats just me, idk if they changed anything


Go to the last stage and make sure u have 2 leader drop chance up one from you and one from ur alliance mates u need to farm the last stage tho that’s what works for me and I’ve been gettin extra boxes each time


Actually u don’t even need the drop lead it works even wen i use the tokens just make sure ur doing the last stage

Been doing that guess it’s just me being unlucky. Iv never had a issue farming the maps until this week. On the other hand iv been getting the sd tokens in mass :neutral_face:

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That’s weird i literally get one every single Time there hasn’t been one time i haven’t and I’ve done it like 10 times worth of full energy that’s really weird

Last stage give me always a golden crate even without any drop leader

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The elite gear map never gives me any trouble, but I do find stage 8 of ultra rare map is far more successful than stage 7 for some reason.

The crates are only available on stage 8 now

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That would explain it, why though?

Cos Scopely, that’s why!

Elite - last 2 stages - MUST have 2 Farm leads up - Salvage tokens work 0.005% of the time
ultra rare - last 2 stages - CAN have 2 Farm leads up - Salvage tokens work 98% of the time

its best to farm these manually with drop lead and drop ally lead … this will boost crates and marker for depot points

Not true, only the final stage drops. Maybe you should check in game before posting


Really? maybe i was just on automatic play and not see a crate when doing it, im going from previous run throughs so if theyve changed it shame on them. im so low on refills that i wont even experiment on stage 7 now then, ive normally been farming stage 8 so didnt see any change

I farmed it with about 5 or 6 cans. Needed night vision goggles. Got a drop box every time, using large drop lead and even small drop faction helpers. Boxes even dropped with just bronze tokens, but only got 1000 gear markers so just ran it on auto. Opened all the boxes… guess what I got zero of? Night vision goggles. What are the chances?

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Just me then. I’m desprate for bag and walkies. Tried all suggestions from tokens drop leads and specific stages and still nada. This only happened since they revamped the maps. Thanks every one for the help though!

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