Farming becomes such a tedious chore. We have been slaved by it

This game has been becoming a chore of endless farming, which is boring and time consuming as hell!
We need 1 click to fast farm 10 times, or unlimited free salvage tokens with REASONABLE drops.

Free us from the endless chore of farming, and bring more fun to the game. We can have something like an ARENA where everyone can challenge whoever they want to just for fun, no energy needed!



your game still shows tickets as [PH] or this was a quite outdated ss?

It was supposed to be fixed afaik but still happens it seems

I still have PH,too.

That’s a very lucky result. I don’t usually farm 23, I farm 13 for more gears, desperately need food.

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I agree, why I quit farming quite a few months ago.
Level up time >must grind for gear/raid for food…2 days later level up time, must grind for gear/food…2 days later…etc etc ffs. Then along come 6*, as one to have many 5* but pretty much all the wrong ones to able to ascend, screwed out of placing good in lv+, raids have become frustrating as hell and warring also sucks (tho not as bad as the former 2)

Thanks for this

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