Farmable gear bring it back


Ok now everyone loves a good level up (sarcasm) but if scopely are going to persist with having level ups every other day (it feels like it) please oh please bring back the farmable gear events.

I’m not even talking about 6* gear I’m talking the good old topographical maps camp stoves etc. I understand the best gear should be harder to get but I have more chance to pick up sports gloves than waist belts

I’ve played since game was launched or as near to that day and have never felt so much despair or hatred for an event.



I got Magna from anniversary tokens but am unable to tier 4 her because I am out of night vision goggles. Actually so aggravating. They just dont listen to any form of feedback regarding gear.


I’m the same however it’s Koa for me, and topographical maps. I’m addition gold ascension tokens would be nice too.


Maps & weathered journals for me


They are farmable, Elite gear map use your drop leads and faction support drop leads on the last stage you get a gear crate every time, ultra gear map use a bronze silver or gold token on the last stage, and you get a gear crate Everytime


those gear crates tend to give me only gear that I already have an abundance of.


Yeah I feel it’s rigged to always give u the gear u don’t need. Aka having over 60 scopes and briefcases for me and short on the rest.


The gear map is farmable last 2 stages it’s just a crap shot crate is the difference


That‘s hardly the same. I have over hundred maps and zero nvgs. We should be able to farm what we need again. It would be a relief.


Yeah like I seriously lack elite gear/ultra rare gear more then I do legendary gear. Not correct they should bring back the old map.


7989% agreed to what you said ,
I feel your pain bro


The fact that we cant farm Elite Gear is an absolute joke. I have some many 5* toons (ascendable and not) that are stuck at Level 70 T3. Please Scopely sort it out!


Would make sense to let people restock their lost gear and save up the needed resources to hit the 2m target and provide the gear maps. Less events in such a short space of time. As of right now the only thing i was able to win recently was a solo raid simply due to not needing any gear or the likes so it is clear to me that level ups are designed to drain you intentionally so you spend.


The game knows exactly what you need and gives you anything else, I kept getting everything when I had more or less equal amount, now I need briefcases and night vision goggles and I got those preety often, 2 weeks ago I farmed over 50 boxes got 2 night v goggles and 3 briefcases and likes 20 holsters which I already have 80 of


If they are not 6 stars you don’t really need to level them


bingo, last wk i needed alpens and night visions from both maps, ran through 25 cans for 3 of each(some would call that “lucky”). did however get a shjt ton of gear i dont need. imo its simple, we NEED to be able to farm each stage for a certain drop like it WAS, if scopes dont bring it back they NEED TO STOP SO MANY LEVEL UPS. its hard to sit out and lose so many cakes toward 3 yr tokens


Is the Epic Road map today farmable? I tried last week… and nothing was poping out…
on the last stage I mean.

I desperatly need Alpen and NVGogles


Need to use at least one large drop lead, and even then its not guaranteed .


You do realise that 6* toons still require 5* gear to level them up right?


That’s why you don’t waste gear leveling non ascendable 5 stars