Fangs Roadmap [13 candy corn]

Does anyone have any tips to beat stage 5 of the fangs roadmap? That raulito bleed really messes me up. Any advice would be appreciated

Take command Glenn if you have him he recovers bleed to teammates always use him against those teams


I was debating using him and league Ezekiel for their bleed recovery

That’s the team I used just Dante instead of laopo

why put vet rings into that raulito, he can’t be used for the s class now unless you have two more laying around


Why does a vet ring stop him being used to collect the s class?

don’t think it does, besides most will use his lead for alongggggg time. waiting to get the s class.

It doesnt hurt to have rings on him. You just lose the rings when you get sclass

Hard to say without knowing your roster. But Mackenzie and Gabriel make Raulito s kind useless.

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Gabriel is the GOAT of clearing negative penalties!

Macs just as good, but without the revive on the AR. Only on the active.


Indeed sir, slight difference in AP needed too!

How’s your new region? Obviously not as good as Edge right? :wink:

Haha. Edgefield was awesome.

Zach is the GOAT of cleanse Gabe is a strong LeBron James to him though


Any updates on what should we expect on Stage 6?

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Hopefully extra candy corn isn’t useful for anything, because I replayed it to get this pic for you! :slight_smile:

Personally, found it much easier than level 5, but as you can see I have a pretty decent team due to being in a dead region! :slight_smile:


Whale :whale:


I am! Just the whale in a fish tank! Lol. We just take turns winning all the rewards! :smiley:


Anyone have pic of stage 5?
Or even better has all stages information?


Stage 5 was Raulito led bleed team with Jianfeng and ect… Sorry, don’t have pics.