Fang Roadmap Playthrough - 10x Day of the Dead Pulls

Did you get anything good from your Day of the Dead pulls? I recorded myself running through the Nightmare stages of the Halloween Roadmap. Figured I would post it up so everybody could see what to expect in the final wave of the Day of the Dead event roadmaps. Hope it helps, thanks for watching!


I cant beat stage 5 its ridiculous how hard it is I’ve tried it twice but running out of candy corn even if I do complete the last 2 missions for candy corn I might not even have enough to try the last stage

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I was afraid of something like that, forcing the spend.

If they want to force people to spend they should offer something better than burt tokens.

I got Jessie Anderson. I’m tickled pink!

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It’s a lie and also false advertising because you’ll be able to pay for a product to proceed in game but the real difficulty isn’t clearly shown although it has to be.

I’m not spending on something you shouldnt have to and just for a chance at a burt

Utter tripe as an event! I suspect, based on the amount of effort and thought that went into it, it was designed by the same guy that thought up the 6* legacy maggie