Fang roadmap: Final stage too hard

Seriously, how am I supposed to deal with the team that consists of 3 OP S-Class toons and 2 6*, one of which is Cameron with 5 taunt? I also wasted my Corn and now I short of it.
This shit is the real Dark Souls.


Agreed, went in super tanky with a ton of control and still got my ass handed to me as a ftp player. That was brutal.


Yep. It even murdered my Pete team. Now not enough candy corns to finish it… scopely just happens to be selling candy corn… pretty sure this was their plan lol.


Doesn’t look too bad. How inflated are the stats?

Having beaten all the maps, compared to stage 5 the last stage was a cakewalk. Just bring heavy damage and if you’re a bit paranoid a disarm turns cameron into a punching bag

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That team comp is pretty horrid IMO lol.

But works in this scenario I guess.

Sorry, but I do not have any toons with disarm skill. The only somewhat disarm guy I currently have is Zander, and he is yet to be leveled up and ascended.

I used the following…

What about 2 seasons ago Earl? Disarm Michonne is also available via 5* tokens too. I think Disarm Louis is somewhere in there.

I went in with Priya 6* lead, magna blue shield, dale, earl and follow up morgan and used S class priya as support. Used defence down from dales control, impaired the enemies and used stun active to stop james from rushing. Found Priya to be great for the attack boost, overall power and daze

Exactly. Somehow this team worked though. Jiafeng was the key to winning. Mira and Piper were meant to keep them stunned as they took jiafeng at damage, beta was used for his ar to make everyone hit him, get attk debuff and possibly confused, and Gabriel and Dante were for healing and def buff as well as res. Unfortunately, beta got decapped anyway

Hid behind Ajax so wasn’t too bad.

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I lost twice before i settled with this team. I took out Jackson first. Christa oneshot Cameron. Then i took out james. I got lucky that ajax stunned 4 toons at the start. Lori’s neutralize came in handy.

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I used a faction mates’s alice as support.

I beat it with an all 6* team
All Alert
Miraboobs lead
Decap Sandy
Guardian II Hershel
Neutralize Lori
Erika as my helper

All had stun guns except Decap Sandy

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I took erika lead, ajax, christa, my super harper & raulito. And for faction supporter, maxed out michelle.

Stunned 4x first turn and it went smooth afterwards.

It’s nice to hear your advices, but unfortunately I have an insufficient amount of candy corn to try your tactics. And since this stupid event ends in 2 days, this thread doesn’t even matter anymore.

I found stage 9 much harder. Use a guardian toon such as yellow Glenn

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