(Fan Made, TWD-RTS art) First ever dynamic leader! S-Class Donnathon

Name: Donnathon
Age: 22
Former Occupation: Professional Chess Player

Trait: Alert
Role: Generalist

5,560 Attack
3,334 Defense
3,627 HP

Adrenaline Rush: Tactical Command, 76 AP
Deal 700% damage to 2 enemies, this character will command 1 teammate (50% chance to command 2 teammates), this character gains 100% AP drain immunity for 6 turns

Active Skill: Recover Maim
up to 2 teammates recover from maim
Initial Cooldown: 2 Turns
Cooldown: 2 Turns
Number of uses: 20

Leader Skill:
All teammates gain a +30% chance to resist stun and a +30% chance to resist impair

Weapon: Donnathon’s Silenced Pistol
+30% Attack
+15% HP
Reflect status effect: When about to be given a negative status effect, there is a greater chance that the effect will instead reflect onto the character that issued that effect.

I may have over done it a bit with the new stuff on this character, but I hope you like him.

Brief story: Being crippled in the Walker world is hard, but Donnathon gets by with a little help from his friends, while in a championship match of chess, his very sick opponent passed out onto the board, a medical professional was quick to rush over. If only they knew that the chess player was actually a walker. Donnathon was lucky to escape, though had to quickly get away from the madness, but in this world, there is very little escape from such.


Sooo can we merge thus with memes post… o0rrr is merging things a sour subject rn lolol

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Yeah but if that was true shouldnt we talk it out and u show me the light? You just seem upset and … stuff

Sure, tell me your political views and we can debate, have a heart to heart, woman to woman.

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Yeah who cares lol

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Tbh i kind think that would be cool to have a lead that offered stuff like that … Not so much it only being that but incorporated like: 40 att huge ap and 30 resist taunt ranged etc. Its good thinking out the box like that. Nice job.

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Thanks, I feel like leader skills are one area where Scopely often quickly hit a wall at, there’s just so much more you could do with them!

Also, since characters like Pete incorporated a guardian shield into their AR, I figured I’d give a character with command-in-rush

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This looks like something mom would hang on the fridge


lol savage.

Best PS ever

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