(Fan-Made) NEW! Legendary Gator!

Name: Gator
Age: Unknown
Former Occupation: Hunter And Fisherman
Trait: Strong
Role: Attacker

2,289 Attack
1,799 Defense
1,663 HP

Adrenaline Rush: Gator rush! 66 AP
Deal 3 attacks of 250% damage (750% total) to one enemy, all other enemies will no longer be Elusive, all teammates gain Main Immunity for 2 turns

Active Skill: Taunt And Defense Up
Initial Cooldown: 1 Turn
Cooldown: 3 Turns
Taunt 4 enemies for 1 turn, this character gains +300% defense which decreases by 100% for 3 turns

Leader Skill:
All teammates get +60% attack against Alert and Fast characters

Weapon: Gator’s “Bite”
A huge bonus to AP when attacking
+15% HP
Heal reduction: When being attacked, a better chance for that enemy to receive 100% heal reduction for 3 turns.

Method of obtaining: Gained as a reward for logging in 2 consecutive months!


The click baits are strong with this one.


Man, fork this Clickbait! :imp:

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why does this have a :checkered_flag: to it that is uncalled for


Yeah, it’s stuff like this that prevents me from obtaining the role of regular.

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this is a great angry gator with a giant toothbrush, @Icarus you should learn from my man @Aeris. i want to see you draw marlon n rosie.


The spikes on the back are meant to be a gator’s lower jaw, I just didn’t draw it well, lol

So what?

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Your drawing ability prevents you from being a regular?

Fancy ranks really don’t mean much. No point in trying to reach all the requirements for a title.

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This should be a feature

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