False percentage

Hello, the acquisition percentages for red velvet cakes are once again wrong but the audience does not care royally. I made a 10 draw on the character Elle and no cakes in this draw and it is normal for the assistance … The percentages must be respected because otherwise it gives access to a refund unless compensation. Are there other people in my case? Should it pass only through the forum to be Heard? @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

I never got eric, I’ll trade ya

10 is not really a representative sample, although I appreciate that not getting a single one from ten is unlikely.

You are also of course forgetting that Scopely’s own employee has openly admitted to the odds being utter bull sh*t - so why are you surprised?

Don’t spend your money on this game unless you are a mug.


Also anytime there’s a “coin event” you know odds just dropped down a gear as they try to end out a months sales strong.

Anyone up for a 160 pull?

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There is a 1.8% chance of not getting a Velvet cake in a 10pull. 0.67^10. So whilst it is possible, it’s less than a 1 in 50 chance. As @Kanaima says, you’d need a greater sample size before you can legitimately call BS. But tbf, we believe what you say is the case all the same.

Nice. Eric a good ass toon if you use him right. (I dont have him but he’s good)

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