Faith restored in 24 hours


So you can forgive everything just because your luck was in for a couple times? It’s a fairly fickle outlook…


Yes, Scopely have a black belt in teasing. They did that to me too - some nice pulls and an impair weapon success and a sweet fuck all ever since.

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Yeah. Cause I never felt quite as butthurt as half the people here make out

Keep the forum updated as to whether the next upgrades on that gun crit or not. I’m guessing they wont.

Sadly, with the resurgence of weapons with better trait (6* Yumi), double attack (AK 74) and the likes, impair has lost some utility.

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Now try to land a Abs D weapon!

I have four :man_shrugging:t3:


Congratulations, Homer. Fingers crossed your good luck came to stay, mate.

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We are magical today

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That’s the gambling effect.

Ask people about their Vegas trip and they will tell you of that awesome blackjack hand they won. They won’t mention the other 900 times they lost.

Fantasy football is the same, I hear war stories all fucking day about how everyone is winning the FF. Yet we know for a fact, only 1 can win, and the other 19 lose.

We know for a fact that Vegas, a resort town in the desert, exists precisely because most people will lose, consistently over time. Yet back they come!

There was also a study that showed the human brain values “near misses” almost as much as wins. So that’s where 4* toons came in originally. You pull for a 5* get nothing, but a 3* you chalk that up as a loss.

But if you pull a 4* humans see that as “close to win” (it is not close, it’s a loss) but our brains say “SOOOOO CLOSE” and we fell better than getting Darius

Awesome! Thanks for sharing @Homer

I don’t think this is about forgiving – it’s random and luck.

I don’t hate Overwatch despite spending hundreds of dollars and still not getting that Mercy skin I want.

It breaks my heart a little but it’s the name of the game really.

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@kalishane So whats different about this thread from all the others you’ve been closing saying that they “don’t bring anything to the forumns”???

What does this thread bring? Why isn’t it also closed (oh wait, is it because it positive feedback??)

Please close as this thread doesn’t help the community at all and as someone who got shafted with pulls recently I find this thread to be especially disparaging.

If you want to close threads that are complaining about the game and terrible rewards/pulls you need to close the ones that praise them. It goes both ways.

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You want this thread closed? All I have to do is post my thoughts in it 1 time lol. I’m just kidding, but in all seriousness you aren’t supposed to be talking about moderation, flagging, suspensions, bans, or anything else like that. If you want to ask questions about it contact kalishane in a PM.

Grats OP. Go buy a lotto ticket!

Kali - How about if u spent hundreds did not get it, and played on a server where everybody hacked and had it?

Or if u needed that skin to not lose? Like it was a gun or character u needed to be included in any kind of content in that game?

Would you feel the same way then?

Also, these kinds of replies are, in my humble opinion, only inflammatory and serves to rile up the masses. A small amount of empathy and acknowledgement of your player base would be nice.

Like the cheaters in my region bragging with screenshots of depots full of benedicts, many complained through the proper channels, and dont get any kind of response.

Just my two cents. Keep surviving.

before Shane posts, mostly civil post
after Shane posts, civility goes out the window
Scopley forums in a nutshell

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I fucking lost it at this post lmao

The forums go “oh, she posted, quick, bitch there, about something totally irrelevant”

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