Failed to Crit even w/Materials+Territories


My last 4 weapons have failed to produce any type of critical results even with all materials (duct tape and polishing kit) and critical territories. Yet nothing. What’s up? @kalishane


Your getting unlucky


No kidding :frowning:


You do realize that even with the mats and the weapon spots the crit bar is nowhere near 100%. It’s just crappy luck. Better luck next craft.


Yeah, I do realize it, but crit still usually happens, even if it is the crappier results. But lately its been no crit whatsoever with all possible boosters. Thanks for the good luck wishes though!


Hmm it wouldn’t hurt to get some real numbers on crafting probabilities in-game considering recent events right?


Damn, I’m sorry to hear that. Bad enough when a wpn crits and doesnt give you what you were after…
I hope your luck turns around soon! :smile:


Been there too and as we all know it sucks. I do think that with the territories and the pk or whatever it should be like 85% if not 100% because we know that even after the crit the chances are so low to get what we’re looking for.

I got a teammate that is like 0-30 on ab def. Earl gives him no love.


Thank you!


Dont use territorys. FIXED
Gave me and fac mates a few stun,impair and AD’s in 2 months after stopping to use them. I guess they lower the chance. Fac mates still using them get nothing. :joy:
Players getting to many endgame weapons, what can we do to lower the chance to get them ? Lets invent a lowering chance territory and tell them it ups the chance, lol.


Took me 100+ tries to get my one and only stun gun. Yet, I know other players with 3 or 4. Odds definitely should be more fair.


I have had some pretty good luck considering how unlucky most people are. Heres a few things I do. I’m sure they don’t affect anything but I still do them anyway.

  1. Never skip the timers. I wait for them to finish.
  2. Do not use the same weapon if possible. I believe some are “cursed” and will never hit.
  3. Give it a few days rest when you get double crit fails. Earl is angry. Needs time to cool off.
  4. When things do hit they happen all at once. Keep crafting until the luck goes away.

Hope you get what your looking for on the next one.


So how many 410-430 you got ?


If you get one fail the other normal does too…same goes for success.
It’s weird.


Appreciate it!! I’ll try it out, lol!



Damn you have been unlucky, my luck has been crazy the last 2 days, I’m out of DT and PK so I am crafting without but making sure my faction has the 4 crafting terrys before I send my weapons out.
In each of the last 2 days I have gotten green stun on 2 weapons as I say without PK and DT, crazy ass luck for sure here.


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