Failed at the first hurdle

A nice lovely letter to the community, followed by Scopely’s response to the war issues. The response and compensation to the war issue was the perfect opportunity for Scopely to show they were serious about listening to player feedback. But, as expected they fell flat as a pancake at the first hurdle.

Why would you trust this company after all the shite over the years. Time to support a more deserving game and company.


no surprise here
the end is near

I have been following recently what’s been going on with the game. It’s been almost about 5 months since I retired, and I picked up another newly launched game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

This is where I strongly feel and hope that Scopely should learn from. Timely updates, priority on QOL updates and pretty much monthly new downloadable contents.
i was initially excited to come back to the game, as HP:WU is a game which I have spent very little. Then the article came out, and nope, Scopely, I don’t think I will come back again.
Think back in the first year of the game Scopely, where it was a genuine strategy game, and actual non random prizes that we all fought over.