Fading motivation for this game

Having a hard time caring about playing your game anymore. The latest event is so silly it seems a deliberate de-motivator…

As for Survival road, the CURRENT state of it with various trick toons, special weapons, etc is already annoying. Your announced change …well, just shaking my head.


This “gear event” feels like a slap and spit in the face.

Players: we NEED gear!
Scopely: Here is a gear event
Players like:


Pretty funny! Thanks.

Have to be funny, as you said, this is all demotivating, i try to be positive but it is almost impossible so i joke a lot and try to lighten the mood but yea, i am demotivated. Scopely just doesnt get it, they can make so much more money but they push players away from spending with the things they do, which is the opposite of what they want which makes no sense, I’m baffled by their descions.


Seems to be the consensus across most players. Unfortunate.

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If you’re honest with yourself you will agree that the game hasn’t been motivating since a pretty long time.


Rinse and Repeat … more and more convoluted events leading to poor rewards

Jump so many hoops for gps/canteen

last week, collect 320 shirts for gps or canteens

this is needless and only pushes the fact that nothing is truly happening in the game except repeated events with less and less rewards

So i agree, motivation is down for myself and others i play with


The new gear event does include everyone as not everyone needs gear of course it is useful to have extra but more people need S-Class collectables and some people need ascendance medals which could of easily of been an option

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