Facts about this game

I have played games for decades but this is a game with a forum whose contents are 90% containing the worst experience of the players, there is no other game forum whose content discusses the ugliness of the company as bad as this, curse insults adorn this game every day, any other game that is worse? there is no


I haven’t seen any this bad, thats why i find it so funny when reading other game forums that disrespect and complain about the devs. Honestly, they don’t know how good they have it.


EA’s games ?

Is there another company that deserves it as much as scopely? Imho, no.


but the other games are better just rts

@Facts you been summoned my friend!


Give it time :wink:

Which is the lesser of two evils?

  • a company that praises its community’s passion, promises “the most delightful experience possible”, but can’t even updating a beta without creating blackholes
  • a company that says nothing and just let’s their work speak for itself

Are you saying the players are bad or the game? I can’t tell.

It’s the company that create this negativity with their negative treatment of the playerbase and devaluation of the gaming experience month after month.


EA has been put on notice by Disney at the moment with regards to battlefront 3 so they have to be good little boys or headmaster Disney will give them an f for fail and take their starwars licence away lol :joy:

Eh, at least ea has made a couple of good games. Every game acopely has made has been a shitty pay to win gambling sim.

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EA games are at least pretty damn good…Their battlefield franchise is amazing(except V).Their Sport games are good…They may put Microtransactions in their game but they ain’t nothing major and it’s possible to avoid them…

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Is there another game that offers you the chance to pay $30 and get nothing of value?


There is some bad ones out there but I think the lack of communication and ignoring the community is the worst thing that can be done.


Give a company 4 years of screwing you over and this tends to be the result.


poker, lottery tickets, horse racing, dating, & slot machines?

Those aren’t mobile games

Everyone is complaining 24/7 but at the end of day, Scopely is laughing at us with their money.

Corrected it for you


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