Factions Onslaught!

Son it’s been a while since we had the last Factions Onslaught event .
So are we having more or the event is dead !
From my point of view the idea of FO is good however the implement is … I am not going to say bad , but I would say “need more fixing”
So I want to give my opinion on some changes that can make the FO better

1- Milestones : like all other event " maybe even milestones with 20 and 50 gold "
2- faction Ranking : like in war , after any match ,
MVP gets 1 war refil ,…
So scopely can do something like that
Ranking :
From 1-3 : 1X raid refill + 3XOnslaught box
From 4-10 : 1 X world refill + 2X Onslaught box
From 11-30 : 1X battle item

3- timer : timers should be a little bit smaller , waiting 10-30 mins to do an attack is really boring

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