Faction weekly missions? Milestones bumped?

Ummm, did you guys just bumped up the milestones on these? 400 Premier recruit openings for 1 War can?

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did u see the weekly one. ascend 5 lolz


Just saw that smh. We have to ascend 5 to get the weekly rick? Ridiculous. They dont even give enough medals to begin with not to mention enough to ascend 5 in a week


Wasn’t it 250 legendary medals? And now it’s 50? They always ruin nice new things. @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely this is pathetic.


Yep love the ascend 5 really

Killing the game … what is left from it LMAO

Typical shamplay stunt.

At this point they probably think they have enough people on the hook thinking they can acquire zach or jesus, so they figure they can increase the missions drastically.

Lol forgot to even look at the solo mission, damn and we thought the wind of change was blowing to the right place. HELL fk no!!! Like come on, it didn’t even take you a few days for people to actually started appreciating something when you release the upcoming updates, now you just turned around throw that crap out the window making these dumb decisions again.

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Ascend 3 star or 4 stars. It doesn’t say it had to ascend to 6 star

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Still a huge waste of medals, and you gotta waste resources to level those 3* and 4*

It’s not just the ascending toons mission though. All missions have increased requirements and reduced rewards this week. Insulting if you ask me

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They’ve stuffed up on the weekly faction missions they are only counting your own progress except for the premier recruits one of course.

Im not doing 750 raids :joy:

Also the weekly missions are hard. How the fuck can I ascend 5 characters.

Yo can use 3* and 4* toons but i agree its stupid and a waste of resources

I dont have 3* 4* I dont got trainers and Im short on 4* and no 3 stars.

You’re screwed and scuntly suck

I’ll wait til next missions. I only ricks for comics cause im non sc and Im trying to get a bonus toon with it.

I have the toons to ascend, but why would i waste my precious medals on ascending crap toons? Sorry I’ll never use Conner or yellow Negan.

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