Faction war suggestions

Why not make the maximum team cost in wars 100, it would make it more competitive and even the playing field.

A lot of lower ranked factions don’t bother as they would get smashed and it’s the same teams taking the rewards war after war.

Might even encourage lower ranked factions to spend a bit on refills.

You know the dog tag cost of a maxed 5★?

  1. That is two higher than a T3 6★.

Therefore, even if your suggestion made sense, which I’m fairly sure it doesn’t (a few low ranked factions spending on refills wouldn’t make up for the almost certain loss of whales not pulling for premier’s) it would drive us back to the days of 4★ characters being viable


Not saying every war, but a balance once in a while would work.

No, players from higher ranked factions put in blood, sweat and tears to get to where they’re at now.


What is balanced about forcing people to use partially levelled 5★/6★ or even 4★?

If you really want to “balance” things, set it to 88. 3 maxed 5/6⭐s

Too late there is no way to go back. Most if not all of the top players have gotten rid of all their useless 4 and 5 stars in order to put together strong 6 star teams. If you’re in a lower ranked faction you will mostly be facing teams around your strength. Therefore you should be seeing people using 4 and 5 star teams, no? If your a top player and you are tired of battling 6 star teams why not drop down to a lower ranked faction and then you can use your 4 and 5 stars in war again? Don’t try to punish people for playing the game as it’s intended.

I like the idea in principle.

I think a mix up of events to stop them being repetitive is important. Just have some wars where a specific character trait must be included in teams or excluded from teams, a no human shield weekend, or only allowed alert characters or something like that. Not every war just sometime to keep it interesting and variety in team builds.

Making people have to work for a win instead of just putting monster teams out works for me,

Where is the skill in battering low teams.
Make it soyou have to choose teams carefully

Not every war, one a month.

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Oh not every war, just every other war huh lol

I feel like Survival road and Faction assault already have plenty of restrictions in place. No need to force them into every event and down everyone’s throats. I think we need new events full stop, not remakes of current ones.