Faction war mission milestones for crw 6/26/20 crazy?

win 5k war battles as faction…

in my region there ist 6vs6, you need 5 attacks to defeat one enemy so its 30 attacks minimum per war, really basic math

5000 / 30 / 48 hours means winning 3,47 wars per hour, one war every 17 minutes… (with searching for new enemys)

i thinks this is quite impossible for 6vs6…

its not about the 150k milestone, its about the milestones in mission/event


I’m in a 6vs6 region and we have completed this, it’s not impossible


En effet je pense que vous avez raison je suis même pas sur que les grosses facs qui enchaînent très rapidement puissent le faire mais bon c’est gratuit donc je me plains pas

I have to agree with you. The missions are too high for majority of the factions. Sure top factions will have no problem completing the missions however others won’t. I’m all for faction missions but they can at least make it so lower factions can complete one mission. That way it will encourage lower factions to engage in war.


I’m in the top 1b faction and we completed it in one day

Its hard for majority of the factions if not in top 10 faction.
We are in wave 2, currently at 4100 wins, getting close.


It’s certainly not impossible but it’s not necessarily easily done either. I feel like it’s difficult to strike a balance with these missions.
If they make them achievable for everyone then higher level factions will feel like they’re somehow missing out because they’ve gone way above and beyond the top mission.
If they make the missions harder, not everyone will reach them and that can be demotivating for lower factions.

Personally my opinion is I’m not in a top faction so I accept that not everything is achievable for me 🤷 .

Maybe they could have found a happy medium by having a couple of extra missions, like in between 2500 and 5000, because that’s quite a big gap.


Exactly what I thought

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Мы почти доделали, 5000 боев, 6х6, но из-за этого приходи ься крутить башни по кд, затягивают я бои, сложнее брать соло ориентиры

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OP, it’s for whale factions. Don’t sweat it


I didn’t notice until now but scouting and tower battles count towards the total. In case anyone finds that information useful…


I didn’t notice that either, thanks for that!

I’ll let my faction know and maybe they’ll start going for towers :laughing:

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Lol yeah I know a lot of people neglect towers. And I think scouting is something a lot of people do none of

Yeah I tend to only scout if someone has dropped their defense, sometimes get raid refills from it and it’s quick extra league points. But I can’t be bothered to Scout regular defenses.

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We ended up at 3.9k battles and we’ve been 2nd highest ranking faction in our region, overall within top 15.
Don’t think that it’s unfair though - on the contrary, the missed reward will hopefully motivate ppl to queue in faster and do more wars next time… :wink:

Figured that might have been the case, but didn’t want to check. My faction got 4K/5k despite having poor performance on the first day, so if we’re hitting towers/scouting, we can potentially hit the remaining 1k

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I hate these faction war milestone got only 2 milestone,

Theses milestone look like woc milestone not regular war

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My faction being a lower lvl fac ended up all weekend fighting fac’s in the top of the CRW leaderboard who throw multiple low lvl accounts up so they don’t have to fight against them. We didn’t even hit the 1st mission.

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