Faction vs Solo Raid Points

@GR.Scopely Are faction and solo raid points calculated differently? Asking because Solo Raid Points I average 27.1 and Faction Raid Points I average 30.7.

It might be just time passing and (some of) your opponents catching up in team grade.

Small sample size so far, but for me the points don’t seem higher than in Solo, if anything they’re lower.

I actually increased my max team grade from past Solo. An official answer explaining how these are determined would be helpful

If both you and your opponents increased their max team grade, this would also fit - the higher your team grade, the higher the baseline points seem to be, so if the difference remained the same there should be a slight bonus. If they narrowed the difference while both went up, you should see a substantial increase in points.

Due to the way the matchmaking algorithm seems to work, having just a few people in other factions getting a new Sclass could lead to this (It tries to find most matches at or below your own grade)

But yes, I would also be interested in seeing what the exact scoring algorithm is, to see how close I was if nothing else. But there’s the obvious downside that it might lead to more exploits like the level 2 general thing,

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