Faction vault? toons/weapons


Will their ever be a faction vault? Controlled solely by leader/co-leaders? So better people can help out their fellow faction members with weapons and/or toons? Just a thought, figured I’d throw this out there.


Won’t ever happen, unless it’s monetized to cover the lost revenue it would cause


That makes complete sense.


I don’t know what makes me puke more. The absolute non-existence of what is best for the player or the greediness that dominates in this game.


With less people playing, there’s going to be more focus on squeezing money.


They are already doing, it’s like throwing gasoline on the fire.


Yeah, like those ridiculous “offers”. Like I want to spend $35 for duct tape…


I’ve always wanted something like that available for new players. It would also be nice if we could stick materials/supplies in there.