Faction UP Prizes today (Pictures)


Here they are.



wtf, are you serious right now. what a complete waste. insulting more like it.


Again with the mental milestones for folks particularly f2p & first place really? Favorite game but what’s going on?


I just gohave to say I was really exicited when they first started adding the individual milestones and they were great at first…but for level up this is really screwing new players out of a chamce for anything…


Madness. This is SCOPELY!!!

(What would happen to Bakir for bearing such bad news.)


What the fuck happened to 5 stars for 1m smh


I know right. 1st place doesn’t even get enough tokens for a full pull or enough medals for an ascension. This is redonkulous.


one word: insulting


Jesus christ , this is gennuinely a contest, each week you promise better rewards , you promise you listen to our feedback , and each week the live ops seem to having a competition to see who can give out the worst rewards, and piss the community off the most.
LISTEN TO PLAYERS, please change these rewards before launch otherwise this event is POINTLESS


I ask myself every day why I log on to play this POS game Anymore

My only suggestion is they’re trying to force their players to quit because their game is dying but they can’t outright kill it

Flag me , ban me , idc @kalishane if this is scopelys idea of player first, they’re either drunk, senile , on drugs or a combination of the trio


I think we’ve all been waiting on this for weeks now, i certainly put little effort in earlier this week and… well…

I dont know what to say. I’ve collected more tokens from this blitz war :unamused:

As @cournojo said


This seems like a bad joke. low gear bags and 5.5k token. They know playets waiting for this for month…
Worst part about this is every lvl up post from kalishane about we cant change rewards now but thanks for feedback and there will be better rewards in future. Team is aware of it bullshit.

They just fool players every day. Hold them out to milk them eVen more. Fucking greedy liars.

Go change prices and show that u care about players base.
But u give a fuck and prefer to sell new shiny recruits instead…speechless of this treatment and another spit in players face.


They are truly appalling rewards, half a 5* pull for winning. Awful awful rewards.

To score 2,000,000 points you would have to have an absolute minimum of two 6*, gonna be two 6* you have to sacrifice SIXTEEN 5* toons (can use Benedict’s, but they’ve run dry everywhere.

So you reward for sacrificing 16 five* toons, is half a 5* toon.

Bravo, way to misunderstand your own games economy.


Honestly mate, this point is completely pointless, people complain because this game is good, and a lot of people have spent a lot in this game, if your f2p you can walk away but alot have got alot invested in this game working, and by constantly ignoring feedback it’s killing it. Even if 1% of 10million downloads I’d here on the forums it still show the general trend of the community.
People have spent and have a right to voice there concerns, it’s similar to buying a TV and finding out you can only increase the volume but never decrease it, you should have no problem complaining that but your comments basically say they should live with it


That feel when players in top10 in solo lu have better prizes than 1st faction in LU :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


I said it before recently, Scopes takes info from the forums and uses it against us. See how excited everyone was for a Fac lvl?

They force a bunch of solo levels first and then give shit prizes for the fac because they know we are all waiting to compete anyways.

We let them know that we were all ready to be active for a fac level. So they figure they can give shit prizes and still get us to play. We were asking for it.


eh sitting on 1.5 still with 5 6s need more 5s then tokens tbh let alone 5 star trainers


We all noticed the tokens, but the problem with then is yes more are needed, but that’s because scopley keep bottlenecking supplies. I personally still don’t need them and have 8 6* other factors are stopping me ascending like characters to sacrifice, plain and simple the Jesus level up is the right way to present rewards this is a joke


A lot of people have put money into this game while it was still good, just quitting seems a little silly.
The people who are getting fed up just won’t pay out anymore and instead will decide to turn F2P.


The rewards were decent after the “letter to the community” they have fallen off drastically.