Faction trophies not correct AGAIN

Once again my faction ended top during the survival road event. Instead of the advertised 100k faction trophies we received only 50k.
This has been reported to Scopely on multiple occasions, yet they do nothing.

This is ridiculous.

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you MUST have screenshots to show proof of this, we believe you but the support would require this.

please make sure that you show your faction coming 1st in the multi-regional leaderboard, not just your region, sounds daft but many players in the past won 1st place in their region but was 10th in the regionals

also worth stating that sometimes you get gold trophies during end event rewards and they never end up being what your rank states you should get. ive seen many screenshots that also confirm that Scopely

Sent screenshots. They do nothing

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keep pushing support, usually it takes 5-7 replies asking to speak to a non bot for them to resolve or get to the route of the problem

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