Faction Transfer Key

Please can someone tell me how the faction transfer key works. Does it allow all players in the faction to transfer without purchase of an individual key?

It basically gives the whole faction a key. But other than that, there is no limitation to how it is used.

So your faction mate could receive a key and disappear to a totally different region.

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The prices of keys really need to go down @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


I’d like the ability to buy and send keys. 2/3rd of my fac have keys. 1/3rd doesn’t. 10k for 30 keys seems high when not all need them. No guarantee the person can earn coins individually either

As stated. When it’s purchased it will give every member in your faction 1 key. Those who already have 1 key, will then have 2 keys. And they can use the key as they see fit. They can join any region and do not have to follow you. Make sure your whole faction is on the same page about where you guys are all going

How does faction transfers work then? Do you buy a normal single key and use that? Do you buy the faction bundle for 10k?

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I think it is totally separate. Faction transfer just allows you to take a faction (and, importantly their progress in Leagues) to another region rather than recreating it. Players get a message in their inbox and if they have a key (whether self purchased, or purchased by the faction) they have the option to follow the faction.

There should be a way to donate coins towards a faction key. Having 1 person spend 10,000k coins just for a key for everyone is too much


Just pay the person a few bucks on PayPal or Venmo or Facebook


Yeah that would make sense if everyone in a faction spent money but obviously that’s not the case

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