Faction Transfer Key Bundle


Can someone please explain what happens when you buy the faction transfer key bundle? Does everyone in the faction get a key or does it move your whole faction to another region?


Moves whole faction but not faction name. They must all hit accept or something like that


I’m pretty sure it means everyone gets a key, like the regular key though I may be wrong.


It was already explained that everyone gets a key and the key works the same way as the free one.

It’s possible that your faction members use the key other than what you expect, so make sure you communicate with everyone in your faction before buying the key.


DAMN, Ill never be able to afford even a single transfer key.

I keep blowing my load on sandpaper.


Someone let me know whenever a faction key is used. I would rather someone else risk it and fail then me :slight_smile:


Try blowing your load on Kleenex next time. Less skin irritation…


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