Faction Trading & Alliances


First ever post in the forums…

A couple of suggestions that I thought of ages ago, posted as feedback to Scopely in surveys, but thought I’d post here my ideas, they’re both faction related…

FACTION TRADING - I’ve always thought it would be handy to be able to trade with other members of your faction - gear, food, materials, characters, but only within your own faction. Plus the faction leader would get to choose who in the faction was allowed to trade (this is to stop people joining your faction, making a trade, then leaving - so it would only be available for recruiters and higher for example). This would further allow us to help each other out in our factions. It would also encourage people to make or join factions and actively take part regularly as well as stay loyal to their faction.

FACTION ALLIANCES - As far as I am aware, some factions have an unofficial alliance, for example, in territiories. What about an official way to make alliances with other factions in the game. For example, alliances could be made in territories, but there would be a limit, say each faction could form an alliance with 1 other faction in territories and both factions would share the benefits of the territories, both be able to attack the same territory and defend the same territory at the same time while both would be getting to share the benefits awarded by each shared territory or group of territories. A possibility in wars could be that each faction was allowed 1 or 2 alliances and members could join their own faction or an alliance factions war team meaning more faction members could participate in wars and faction war points (not personal war points) would be shared proportionally (e.g. if 5 people were from 1 faction and 3 from an alliance faction, then the faction points would be shared 5/8 and 3/8). Faction alliances would have to have a limit, say max reputation, to ensure fair alliances.


We’ve been begging for a trading system since before war existed. I can’t recall scopely ever commenting on it. I can’t see them implementing it since it would most likely hurt sales. It would be a great feature though.


Yeah, I figured the main reason they’d be against it would be because of them making money, but maybe they could charge a small amount of coins for a trade or something, that way people would have to buy coins, watch video’s or do the tapjoy tasks to earn coins and they’d make money that way instead.


Unfortunately a trade system would not work period, all it would do is give cheaters and VK purchasers a easier and less detectable way to buy goods.
Added to that honestly i would not like on implemented, there are so many ways it could be abused the little benefit it brought would not be worth it


I’m not really sure how the cheaters cheat, but surely it would make no difference? If these people are inclined to cheat, they’ll do it no matter how easy or difficult it is.

In our faction, we all too often comment how one of us needs an item of gear for example and have needed it for ages, then someone else will be in the same boat and be waiting on a different item, well it would be great to say, “Oh I have no need for a briefcase but I really need a scope - let’s do a swap” (for example).

Yes, I do see this could lead to cheating in that someone could make a second account and then boost their main account, but as I said before, cheaters will cheat regardless, one way or another :frowning:


The Alliance thing could be cool, I like that.

The trading thing I’m totally against. It’s just too exploitable and will lead to inbalance. All the exploits can be done by legal means but it definitely won’t work as intended.


no on trading… unless the account hijacking issues are totally resolved. As everyone would be an actual target for cheaters/hackers to empty accounts of items/weapons and what not.

faction alliances would be ok, but i dunno what they would do… maybe pop-up a message in territories saying, “that territory is owned by an allied faction! do you still want to attack?”, or if you have an alliance you get some nominal bonus in war.