Faction Survival Road Status

It’s clear there is a problem since the last 2 events have been cancelled. How about an update on this?
@kalishane - Big fix? Lower priority? What is the holdup?

Just a brief update. I don’t know is valid.

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Hi KodaK,

We’ve cutdown on Faction events with Rise to Power going on to avoid issues with Faction Locking.

That being said – we will see what we can do about scheduling one soon. :slight_smile:


If this is true why is there a faction level up then?


Lol look at all the level ups … :joy::joy::joy:

It states it’s a solo and has for the last 1 day 11 hours according to the post, yet everyone states faction SR. So are we not getting a SR tourney at all?

Facepalm moment… lol



@kalishane , your answer yet the multitude of level ups makes no sense

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