Faction survival road start time


Anyone know?..


2:00 AM EST


Is it certain or not? Because with all the changes of scopely, I start having trouble following hourly levels.


VK says it is, so yes it is certain


Thank you


Or it could be random time who really knows




Yes, there are rewards


Haha, I kno that. What are they?

But then I don’t know I’m still waiting on rewards from the last event


Are they the kind you win or the kind scopley makes you think you win


The real rewards are the experience and the memories


Probably that imaginary Gear that you need to level up to get gear to lvl up


Oh ok just making sure


Rewards are even worse than usual. It’s 23 hours and requires cans to finish and for beating elite you get a school bag. Seriously who did this? It’s crap, especially when it requires cans to finish. Try again.

Faction rewards aren’t terrible if you can finish top 3.


They really need to change that stop with the marathon level ups could have ended level 6-8 hours a go and started up sr


No they want SR’s to be 23 hours so you have to buy cans to finish it. What they don’t seem to understand is if the rewards are crap why would anyone buy them?


People can’t help there self on beating it no matter how bad prizes are


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