Faction survival road pics from vk ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ




enough dwight parts which is nice :slight_smile:



Those bags if your curious as wellโ€ฆ
I think Iโ€™ll be ok hopefully most folks if you get elite done on this and Some of the next level up milestones


Thanks for posting looks like we get Dwight no problem after all :+1:


if you hit 750K this solo level up you get dwight after finishing legendary on SR. But there might be some more in follow up solo level up this weekend but it is unknown still how many dwight stuff they will reward there.


Ah I feel stupid to put up the points thinking I was not going to get Dwight over scopely messโ€ฆ


Canโ€™t blame ya tho lots of unclear info


Scopes is happy that you wasted the resources and points. :+1:


Like the fact we are getting a Benedict.

Shame about the rank rewardsโ€ฆa bit on the low end.

Shame for me personally there no watchโ€ฆ


So only 50 people get prizes?


i did the same sadly. scopely always profits of misinformation. never knowing if what we need will be given easily the next day or in a bag for 500 coins. there been many times Iโ€™ve been screwed by just not knowing what was to come


Donโ€™t stress itโ€™s faction so youโ€™ll get something


Same my friendโ€ฆsame


Haha thanks i was half awake when I read that and the faction part didnโ€™t sink in :grin:


So even completing legendary iโ€™m still unsure if iโ€™ll be able to get Dwight because of yet another freaking solo level up this weekend


Surprised no one has said anything about the insanely low number of 5* tokens for a faction eventโ€ฆ I could always use a lilith but the amount of 5* tokens feels like scopely is trolling us lol


Im happy with multiples of lilith.


Not so long ago fighting for aden was completely useless now here we are with โ€œadenโ€ as faction event main rewards and scopely talk about โ€œengagementโ€


Anyone know what the start time is?


I believe in 3 hours and 30 mins @Cujo23